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"What is the best food for my pit bull?" - this a a question that many new pitbull terrier owners who are concerned for the health and well-being of their dogs ask themselves.

There are many different types of dog food products out there, but they can pretty much be split up into three categories: Commercial, Natural, and Raw Dog Foods. We could (and will) go just a little bit further than that and lump them into two categories, by asserting that commercial brand foods are "junk", and that raw/natural formulas are "good".

Commercial Dog Foods: These are the "big brand" products that you find in the aisles of your local grocery store. Most of these are primarily made of grain-based fillers, "by-products", and other crap, and they are also pumped up with chemical preservatives to extend shelf life. In other words, they are the canine equivalent of JUNK FOOD. Your pit bull is a dog - an animal - a carnivore - a MEAT EATER. These products only contain enough meat to give them a flavor that will appeal to dogs. They are also highly processed with heat; this "cooking" destroys proteins and vitamins, effectively neutralizing most of what little nutritional value the products had in them in the first place. And as for the chemical preservatives... these are not only "un-natural", but harmful to your dog's health.

Natural and Raw Dog Foods: These products are a much different story. Their primary ingredient is MEAT - there ya go! Mostly protein! This is what your dog really needs. And many of these products also have probiotics and nutritional supplements added. Probiotics are bacteria (various strains of acidophilus, lactobacillus, and others; the same ones that are used to make yogurt and cheeses for human consumption) that aid in digestion and also help to ward off "bad" bacteria in the intestinal tract.

When deciding what food to buy for your dog, read the fine print. Don't pay any attention to cute product names or the manufacturer's use of words like "scientific" or "special formula" or "diet"; these are catch-phrases that are designed to trick consumers into thinking the product is "good" or "better than the others". READ THE INGREDIENTS LIST and see what's in it! Ask yourself "Would I feed this to my dog?" Or better yet, ask yourself "Would I feed this to my family?" If you are like us, your pit bull is family too, and you want to feed him good foods that are beneficial to his health.


These are some of the top online sources of natural dog foods and supplements.

Pet360 is the parent company of both PetFoodDirect and petMD, the largest source of pet health information in the world. Here you will find a wide selection to choose from and best prices on many types of natural raw dog food products. They also offer auto-delivery so you can have your favorite dog food delivered to your door periodically instead of having to re-order it every time you need it.

Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store is a leading retailer of natural pet supplies for dogs and cats. We offer thousands of products from all the leading manufacturers of natural pet care products, including food, treats, chews, bones, vitamins, nutritional supplements, medicine, and much more. We offer many hard to find products like organic food and treats, herbal remedies, homeopathy, raw food, flower essences, and natural flea control products.

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Since its inception in 2001, the National Pet Pharmacy has focused its efforts on the sale of a wide variety of health and wellness products for pets including flea and tick medication, heart-worm medication, and all natural food. With more than 137 Brands of food, 740 Pet Prescription Items, 5 brands of Veterinary diets and 7,000 additional items, National Pet Pharmacy is the only online pet store that offers customers a complete line of products for the care and feeding of your pit bull or other precious pooch! Auto-Ship Pet Food Plan available for your convenience.

Pet owners prefer because of our broad selection, low prices and customer service. We offers a huge selection of products including; food, toys, treats, accessories, health care and more. We make shopping easier by posting product reviews and keeping our inventory up to date - we have the best in stock rate in the industry, at the lowest prices, guaranteed!


Wysong Corporation is a true innovator within the natural pet food industry. Our products have been fed to tens of thousands of companion animals over multiple generations with fantastic results. Wysong is a family company and was begun and is still led to this day by Dr. Randy Wysong, a renowned pet health professional. We offer a wide spectrum of healthy foods and supplements for dogs and other pets.

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