Natural and Raw Dog Foods for Pit Bull Terriers and other dogs
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Buffalo-based Natural and Raw Dog Food formulas and treats from top brands including Bravo, NRG, and Primal.

Bravo! Boneless Formula Buffalo Raw Food

Bravo Premium boneless meats come in five popular protein types that let you fully customize a raw diet. Simply add the supplements and other ingredients you want to feed your pet. Bravo! Boneless Formula Buffalo Raw Food in 2 pound frozen tubes.

Primal Raw Frozen Buffalo Grind Formula

Primal Grinds are 100% human grade raw frozen foods for both Canines and Felines. Primal Grinds consist of wholesome hormone, antibiotic and steroid free ground meats, meaty bones and organ meats for those pet owners who prefer to add their pets' favorite fruits, vegetables and necessary supplements.

NRG Maxim Grain-less Buffalo & Vegetables Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Take the mess out of raw diet feeding! Simply add water and bam! You’ve got a delicious, nutrient-rich meal for your dog! You can dazzle him/her with the scrumptious taste of buffalo and plenty of veggies! It’s fresh! It’s delicious! A top-notch meal for your top-notch dog!

NRG Vitality Buffalo Formula Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Free-ranging buffalo provide an awesome source of protein, dehydrated as it is and raw vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Primal Pet Foods Frozen Raw Dog Bones Buffalo Marrow

Made from Buffalo raised in the US without antibiotics or added hormones. Great for dental health, especially for dogs allergic to beef.

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