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Dogswell Nutrisca Freeze-Dried Natural, Grain-Free dog food formulas in a variety of recipes.

Dogswell Nutrisca Lamb & Chickpea Dry Dog Food

A completely grain- and potato-free dry food. Comes from U.S. sourced lamb that's antibiotic free with no added hormones. It too provides an optimal source of protein and amino acids, and is a great alternative for dogs with poultry allergies, or dogs who just turn their noses up at traditional proteins.

Dogswell Nutrisca Chicken & Chickpea Dry Dog Food

Made from cage-free chicken, with no added hormones. It's high in protein, low in fat, low in cholesterol and provides an optimal source of protein and amino acids essential for muscle development. Chickpeas are low glycemic legumes that are a great source of protein, folic acid, fiber. They're also a terrific source of the essential amino acid, lysine, which is vital for maintenance of tissues and muscle mass. Folic Acid is important to cardiovascular health and gives your healthy and well-loved dog the energy he needs to keep up with you on walks!

Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon Canned Dog Food

A unique grain free recipe in that it doesn't contain potato or tapioca. Instead, chickpeas and peas are included as excellent sources of protein, fiber and folic acid. And because these ingredients are low glycemic, they provide better digestibility for sustained energy. It is packed with antioxidants and chelated minerals for better nutrient absorption.

Nutrisca Grain Free Turkey Canned Dog Food

This tasty stew features seven premium fruits and vegetables, which add to the palatability. And since this formula is approved for all lifestages, your dog can enjoy this food for life.

Nutrisca Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog Food

A unique grain free recipe in that it doesn't contain potato or tapioca.

Dogswell Nutrisca Freeze Dried Beef Dinner Bites

A nutritious and convenient way to provide your dog with a raw diet. Resembling what your dog would naturally eat in the wild, such as raw poultry, organs, bones and premium fruits and vegetables. Grain and Potato Free. Complete and balanced nutrition; Can be fed as a tasty treat or as a wholesome meal.

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