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Grandma Lucy's Premium Dry Kibble Natural, Grain Free Dog Food formulas and treats in a variety of flavors.

Grandma Lucy's Artisan Grain Free Dry Dog Food - Premix

A complete and balanced meal formulated to keep up with your pet's nutrient needs.

Grandma Lucy's Grain Free Venison Dry Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's Lamb Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's Artisan Chicken Dry Dog Food

Grandma Lucy's Sweet Potato Thins Dog Treats

Made from 100% all natural-sweet potato, your pet will get the nutrients she needs without worrying about digestive problems since sweet potatoes are easy to digest. In addition, these treats are rich in potassium and fiber.

Grandma Lucy's Organic Baked Dog Treats

Packed with vitamins and minerals, these carefully baked organic treats are great to mix with other meals or be eaten alone. Organic ingredients are the perfect source of nutrients especially since they haven't been treated with chemicals, meaning you are assured of your dog's health. Available in ginger, pumpkin, blueberry, cinnamon and honey flavors, Grandma Lucy's Organic Baked Treats are a healthy snack your pet will look forward to.

Grandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Meatballs Treats

An all-natural treat that have been dried and frozen and still contain all those healthy nutrients. Protein-rich and completely wheat-free, your dog is sure to enjoy every bite, and you won't have to worry about her digestion. Each meatball is mixed with recommended healthy ingredients in great flavors like chicken parmesan, cheeseburger, pot roast, beef and vegetables, chicken stew and cheesesteak. Packed with all the vitamins and minerals needed for a complete and balanced meal, Grandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Meatballs are the best thing you can give for your pet's health and happiness.

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