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Honest Kitchen Premium Grain Free and Natural Dry Kibble Dog Food formulas in a variety of recipes.

The Honest Kitchen brings you an easy and convenient way to feed your pet with this dehydrated whitefish formula. Just add water and voila!, your dog's favorite dinner. Dehydrated. Grain free, Gluten free. For all life stages. For sensitive dogs.

The Honest Kitchen Verve

This formula is perfect for pets who need a more wholesome meal with unprocessed foods. It's ingredients are 100% human-grade, with added vitamins and minerals, so your dog eats a healthy, balanced meal. The Honest Kitchen Verve Dog Food is great for adult maintenance and senior dogs.

The Honest Kitchen Keen Dog Food

This formula for the money-conscious pet parents so you get the most bang for your buck! It's perfect for dogs with sensitivities and made with ingredients that are low in gluten content. Its easy and convenient too - all you have to do is add water!

The Honest Kitchen Embark Grain Free Dog Food

A dehydrated formula that is grain free and low carbohydrates, keeping your dog healthy while providing a delicious meal. With key ingredients like hormone-free, cage-free USDA turkey, fruits and vegetables, this formula is guaranteed to give your dog the key nutrition that he needs. Sometimes recommended for cancer recovery dogs, The Honest Kitchen Embark Dog Food is a great choice for keeping your dog healthy.

The Honest Kitchen Preference Dog Food

A foundation-mix for homemade, grain-free dog food. It's easy! Just take the dehyrated formula and mix with your dog's favorite meat! This is a great option for dogs with sensitivities since you're the one who chooses the ingredients. It's also great for adding a little variety to your dog's diet. The perfect solution to homemade dog food that's easy and convenient.

The Honest Kitchen Force Grain Free Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen's original grain free dog food, also gluten free and wheat-free. This formula is designed to meet the needs of your sensitive dog by providing him with natural ingredients and great taste. Easy and convenient - just add water and you're dog will be on his way to a delicious and nutritious meal.

The Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Treats

Handmade treats made at a local bakery from human grade ingredients. Made with chicken and cranberry to give your dog a delightful snack. The Honest Kitchen Smooches Dog Cookies are heart-shaped gourmet treats that your dog will love.

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