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Innova Dry Kibble and Canned Natural and Grain Free Dog Food formulas in a variety of flavors.

Innova Prime Grain Free Beef & Lamb Adult Dry Dog Food

Grain free, natural nutrition with high-quality protein sourced exclusively from red meat. Red and green lentils are a unique carbohydrate source that take the place of grain and offer a lower glycemic index. And, like all Innova formulas, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots ensure complete and balanced natural nutrition.

Innova Puppy Food Dry

Meets the urgent nutritional demands of growing puppies, including supplying the extra protein needed to build new tissue like muscle. With even more energy and protein per cup than Innova Adult Dog Food, Innova Puppy Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for this important phase of your dog's life. Formulated with DHA and EPA to help with neurological and retinal development. Made with healthful ingredients from all five food groups and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Innova Large Bites Adult Dry Dog Food

A key to good health and central to Innova's dietary approach, is maintaining a critical balance of nutrients - everything from protein to vitamins to fatty acids. This is best done by eating a well-balanced diet of whole, fresh ingredients that are minimally processed. Because we feel the whole is more than the sum of its parts, Innova Large Bites Adult Dry Dog Food features real, farm-fresh ingredients, like turkey, chicken, fruits and veggies. We also add active microbials that are normally found in the healthy intestinal tract.

Innova Senior Plus

An older dog can slow down as his immune system weakens, and his appetite and sense of smell can begin to fade. Innova Senior Plus Dry Dog Food was developed to provide targeted nutrition for dogs 11 or more years old. Our highly palatable formula provides increased fat, DHA and EPA fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate than Innova Senior Dry Dog Food, and is formulated with our highest levels of Vitamin E. 100% whole grains provide higher fiber levels than refined grains to help maintain healthy digestion. By using healthful ingredients from the five food groups (protein, dairy, vegetables, fruits and grains) Innova Senior Plus Dry Dog Food helps ensure complete and balanced nutrition to help keep your dog at his best throughout his golden years.

Innova Prime Grain Free Chicken & Turkey Adult Dry Dog Food

Real chicken and turkey to help build lean muscle mass. Contains peas, instead of grains, which offer a lower glycemic index for sustained energy. High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to help promote a healthy, shiny coat. Anitoxidants like vitamin E help promote a healhty immune system. Menhaden oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, helping to supply guaranteed levels of EPA and DHA.

Innova Low Fat Adult Canned Dog Food

For less active dogs and dogs prone to undesired weight gain, we developed our Lower Fat Adult formula. Innova Lower Fat Adult Dog Food provides all the same nutritional benefits of our regular Adult Dog Food, but with 35% less fat to assist with weight management in low activity or sedentary dogs. In addition, we included L-carnitine to help metabolize fat and retain lean muscle mass. Made with healthful ingredients from all five food groups and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Innova Canned Puppy Food

Innova Senior Canned

Innova HealthBars Wholesome Dog Treats

These crisp healthy snacks are packed with real poultry, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Available in two convenient sizes, Innova HealthBars Wholesome Dog Treats are also fortified with essential nutrients to keep your dog vivacious all day long.

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