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Solid Gold Natural and Holistic Dry Kibble and Canned Dog Food formulas in a variety of recipes for puppies, adult, and senior dogs.

Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken Canned Dog Food

Made with a mixture of lamb, brown rice, barley and other natural ingredients. Formulated to invoke appetite, this canned meal provides greater nutrition and vitamins essential for the growth of your pet. Perfect to feed alone or mix with dry food to improve palatability. Great for senior dogs with dental problems or for young puppies.

Solid Gold Sun Dancer Holistic Dog Food with Chicken and Potatoes

provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs. Holistic ingredients like fresh chicken, peas, whitefish meal, quinoa and flaxseed. Antioxidant rich ingredients like cranberries, pumpkin, carrots and apples help foster strong defenses. No wheat, No soybeans, No corn, No grains, No animal fat added, No by-products, No sugar added, No preservatives added, No salt added, No sunflower oil.

Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy Dry Food

Made from 100% natural quality ingredients, your pup is sure to get lots of vitamins and minerals from every kibble he eats. Composed of barley, rice, canola oil, and fish and lamb meal, Hundchen is certified to be high-in-protein and easy-to-digest, which helps improve your pet's immune system. Approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) as a complete and balanced meal, Solid Gold's Hundchen is a great choice to make your cute puppy happy and healthy.

Solid Gold MMillennia Beef and Barley Formula Adult Maintenance Dog Food

Made with fresh beef, barley, brown rice, and canola oil for a complete and balanced diet. Wholesome, delicious antioxidant rich ingredients like blueberries, cranberries and carrots help keep your dog's natural defenses strong. Ideal for moderately active adult dogs, to maintain total health. Absolutely no wheat, soybeans, corn, animal fat (other than that naturally occuring in fresh beef), sugar, artificial preservatives, sunflower oil, or salt added.

Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Lamb, Brown Rice, Carrots & Barley Formula Canned Dog Food

Our products are all natural, holistic, and do not contain any chemical preservatives. Perfect to feed alone or mix with dry food to improve palatability. Canned food is great for senior dogs with dental problems or for young puppies.

Solid Gold Holistique Blendz

Introduced as the first "natural" dog food in the United States and known for specializing in the development of "non-allergenic" products, Solid Gold has been a fore-runner in premium, holistic pet nutrition for more than three decades. This dry dog food is developed using only premium quality, natural ingredients, and only USDA choice meats. Holistique Blendz Adult Dry Dog Food is formulated with lower levels of protein, fat and calories than other adult, dry dog foods. Ideal for less active adult or senior dogs, to maintain total health and perfect for those dogs who require less protein and fat. The unique blend of fish, grains, vegetables and herbs also make this food an excellent choice for dogs with food allergies.

Solid Gold Barking at the Moon Dry Dog Food

All natural and holistic Beef/Fish recipe. Contains no chemical preservatives.

Solid Gold Canned Dog Food Case Chicken/Liver

Along with a great taste, this meal also strengthens the digestive parts of your pet. Canned food is preferable for puppies and for those dogs that have dental problems. All natural and holistic. Does not contain any chemical preservatives.

Solid Gold Canned Dog Food Case Turkey/Fish

Packed with Turkey, Ocean fish, Potatoes and other essential ingredients. Along with a great taste, this meal also strengthens the digestive parts of your pet. All natural and holistic -Does not contain any chemical preservatives.

Solid Gold Green Cow Tripe Canned Dog Food

Excellent as the sole diet or as an accompianment to dry kibble with a great taste dogs love!

Solid Gold D-Zyme Digestive Enzyme Powder Supplement

Enzymes are vitally important for numerous processes within the body and are found abundantly in raw foods. However, cooking destroys enzymes, so supplementation is advised for pets who consume cooked foods. D-Zymes are useful for animals with pancreas problems. D-Zymes are highly recommeded for digestive problems such as gas, stool-eating, and vomiting in addition to allergies, shedding, and immune disorders.

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Dog Treats

Made with lamb and brown rice, these treats make a nutritionally sound, delicious alternative snack for dogs who are allergic to beef.

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