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UnCanny is the first canned dog food formulation without the can and without the heat processing. As with all of our other Wysong TNT (True Non-Thermal) raw diets, UnCanny is not cooked at any stage of production. This means that the critical food components such as prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are never compromised or degraded. UnCanny is ALIVE with all the life sustaining food components your pet requires for optimal health. UnCanny is meat and vegetable based (no starches from tapioca, potato, grains, or other sources), with special emphasis on nutraceutically enhanced broth, delivering real nutrient power.

Uncanny - Seafood

.88 oz. Bag sold individually or in packs of 12.

Uncanny - Beef & Egg

1.02 oz. Bags or 35.27 oz. Buckets.

Uncanny - Pheasant & Fruit

Your choice of 99 oz. Bag or 35.27 oz. Bucket.

Wysong Uncanny Chicken & Yogurt

1.09 oz. Bags and 35.27oz. Buckets.

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