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ZiwiPeak Dry and Canned Natural, Raw Dog Food formulas in a variety of recipes.

The peak health of dogs depends on the sustenance they get from real meat. ZiwiPeak products are formulated with the same balance of meat ingredients that dogs would find by hunting in the wild. It's the diet that nature intended. Energize your pets with the nutritional value of a raw meat diet, with the convenience of air-dried jerky style portions. Ziwi Peak's dog food formulas help to promote Energy and Vitality, General Well-Being, Proper Digestion, Healthy Coat and Skin, Reduced Bad Breath, Flatulence and Stool Size, Long-term Joint Health, and Weight Control.

ZiwiPeak Daily Cuisine Dog Food Venison

Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food. The premium quality ranch-raised venison in ZiwiPeak Cuisine has plenty of connective tissue incorporated to provide regular, digestible levels of both Chondroitin and Glucosamine that nutritionally supports long-term joint health. Venison is also a relatively new and substantially different meat source for many pets, and as such, it has wide appeal as an allergen-free product.

ZiwiPeak Venison & Fish Daily Cuisine Dog Food

Grain-Free Air-Dried Raw Meat Dog Food. In addition to the benefits of Venison, Hoki Fish provides Essential Fatty Acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 which help build a healthier immune system. Dogs are unable to make these Essential Fatty Acids without a dietary source.

ZiwiPeak Lamb Dry Dog Food

Grain-Free Air-Dried Raw Meat Dog Food. The ranch-raised lamb used in ZiwiPeak Cuisine is a pure source of high quality protein and fats. Lamb provides these essential proteins and fats that dogs need in their diet for muscle and brain function. Lamb is also a relatively new and substantially different meat source, making it another fine option for an allergen-free product.

ZiwiPeak Tripe/Lamb/Venison Canned Dog Food

13-ounce cans, case of 12.

ZiwiPeak Canned Venison & Fish

Formulated with the same balance of meat ingredients that dogs would find by hunting in the wild, this is the diet that nature intended.

ZiwiPeak Daily Cuisine Rabbit/Lamb Canned Dog Food

Made from free-range, wild caught rabbits. Since rabbit is naturally very lean, Lamb was added to give your pet the right balance of protein and fat as a daily diet. The formulation is great for dogs that require stricter weight control or that suffer from restricted mobility. Rabbit is also a great source of protein for dogs that have suffered allergic reactions to other meats.

ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Venison Real Meat Jerky Dog Treats

A natural, air-dried meat reward. ZiwiPeak ingredients are ranch-raised (free of antibiotics and hormones) on New Zealand's green fields and fished from its clear waters. Only ingredients 'passed fit for human consumption' make the grade. No added salt, no colours, preservatives, fillers or grains. ZiwiPeak 'Treats' are suitable to feed your pet at any stage of life - from puppy to mature adult.

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